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380 Melbourne:

380 Lonsdale Street

Situated in the absolute heart of the city, 380 Melbourne elevates style, amenity and convenience to luxurious new heights.

Developed by Brady, the dual towers of 380 Melbourne make a striking addition to the mid-town cityscape. The forms of the towers appear as cascade of silver ripples; a distinctive vertical rhythm achieved through the incorporation of moulded bay windows across the building’s facades. An idea that also maximises the view aspects and floor space of the many bay window residences.

A low level podium unites the towers at street level. Sheltered from the public gaze, the podium’s top two floors host the building’s many resident amenities; those below, expressed as an exuburant interplay of floating orthogonal pods, accommodate a variety of hotel, commercial office and retail uses.

The design also features a covered pedestrian link, complete with six-storey green wall. Connecting Lonsdale and Little Londale Streets, it enables residents to access the building from either direction and, true to Melbourne’s vibrant laneway culture, will allow for a mix of boutique hospotality and retail uses.

The exacting planning and detail rich design sophistication that sets 380 Melbourne apart at both street and skyline levels, carries through to interior of each and every residence. Unrivalled in its combination of style, amenity and convenience, it’s an address that elevates inner city living to luxurious new heights.